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Do you have a roofing problem? Or, maybe you just need roofing maintenance to help your roof last much longer and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Regardless of what you need, Roof Leak Enders can help with all of your roofing needs. We are proud to have assisted customers with their roofing installation, and roofing repair jobs in Suffolk County, NY for more than 15 years. As a licensed & insured roofing company in Suffolk County, we service both residents and businesses.

Hiring our professional team like ours will ensure one of your greatest investments is secure — and that’s your home.

Whether you have a leaky roof where water is coming into your home, you’ve experienced storm damage, or shingles are popping off your roof, we will repair or replace it professionally.

Types of Homes We Service

Long Island is known for its diverse selection of home styles. Suffolk County has an assortment of home styles including single-family homes ranging from Colonials to Capes, and Contemporary Style Homes, to Ranch Homes, High Ranch, Splanch, Split Level, Cottages and Victorian-style homes.

Suffolk County homeowners all have one thing in common — at least at some point. They all experience roofing problems, such as mold, mildew, standing water damage, and erosion. Then you have roofs that just need to be replaced due to old age.

If you are experiencing any of the above roofing problems, or you are unsure of the status of your roof, contact a professional roofing company in Suffolk County.

Avoid hiring an inexperienced, unlicensed person or attempt to climb your roof to fix it on your own. We can’t stress this mistake homeowners make enough. Hiring a professional roofer will ensure that your roof is fixed properly and in a timely manner. A well-maintained roof can help increase the longevity of any roof.

When you need your roof repaired or a new roof installed, give us a call to schedule a FREE quote at 516-620-4575.

Roof Leak Repair & New Installation Suffolk County, NY
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Why Choose Roof Leak Enders?

  • We are licensed and insured on Long Island.
  • All new installations are backed by GAF warranty.
  • We maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • We have more than one hundred 5-star reviews online.
  • We guarantee satisfaction to the point that if there is ever a problem with your roof, we will come back to your home and work until we get it right.
  • You won’t find consumer affairs complaints. We make it a habit of providing our customers with what they want.

If you have a roof that needs to be repaired or a new roof installed call 516-620-4575 or contact us to schedule your free  estimate.

Roofing Services We Offer in Suffolk County, NY

We provide a variety of roofing services including:

  • Roof Leak Detection & Repair, New Roof Installation, Roof Replacement/Re-Roofing, and Commercial Roof Installation.
  • Roof Leak Detection & Repair – Not every roof leak is noticeable. Our leak detection service will determine if a roof leak is truly present.
  • Roof Replacement / Re-Roofing – How do you know it’s time for a roof replacement? If you have a home that is 15, or 20+ years older, it may be time for a roof replacement.
  • New Roof Installation – We install a variety of roofs including Metal Roofing, Asphalt Shingles, Flat Roof Membrane, Tile roofs (Spanish, Slate tile, Cedar Shake), Standing Seam Aluminum. We also do Copper Work.
  • Commercial Roof Installation — If your commercial building is experiencing roofing problems, we can help.

If you are searching for a good Roofing contractor in Suffolk County to repair or replace your roof, call 516-620-4575 or contact us to schedule your FREE estimate. We will schedule a roofing appointment that’s convenient with your schedule.

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    What Are The Most Common Roof Problems Homeowners Encounter?

    Suffolk County residents have a variety of roofing problems, such as the following:

    Design faults

    Design faults in roofing include sagging, a soft roofing structure, and improper drainage.

    Poor Maintenance

    Roof maintenance is extremely important because if you miss even a hint of roof deterioration, especially at the beginning stages, this will cause future problems. Getting your roof well maintained will help prevent costly roofing repairs.

    Failed Flashing

    Homeowners with flashing problems tend to experience leaking roofs and other roofing problems. Flashings are known as one of the most vulnerable parts of your roof.

    If you are worried about the condition of your roof? Call 516-620-4575 or contact us to schedule a FREE estimate.

     Roof Weathering

    Many homes on Long Island experience roofing problems that stem from contaminants, weather-related exposure, and deterioration from salts in the air. Even the toughest and most durable roof experiences wear and tear over time.

     Storm & Wind Damage

    Snowstorms, hailstorms, hurricanes, and heavy rainstorms can cause roofing troubles that can lead to a leaky roof.

    Roofing Maintenance Tips for Homeowners in Suffolk County, NY

    How do you know if there’s a roof leak?

    One way to tell if you may have a roofing problem is if you see brown spotting in the form of a cloud or discoloration on your ceiling. Another way is if you are experiencing water droplets falling from your ceiling that forces you to place buckets or pans on the floor to catch the water.

    What should you do when you have a leak in your roof?

    The first thing every homeowner should do is give us a call to schedule a roofing appointment. During your appointment, we will schedule a roof inspection to figure out what is causing your roofing problem.

    Avoid trying to repair your roof on your own.

    There are many DIY videos available for homeowners and want-to-be roofers. However, trying to fix your own roof can cost you thousands in repair damage. It is also dangerous to climb up on a roof when you don’t have the proper level of training and gear. Hiring the local handyman or attempting to repair your roof on your own is like welcoming anything that could go wrong to go wrong.

    Don’t ignore your roofing problem.

    When you ignore the problem with your roof, it will not go away. Hire a professional immediately to avoid further damage to your roof and costly repairs.

    Hire a licensed and insured roofing company.

    Homeowners should always hire a roofer who is licensed and insured in New York. Ask for credentials when you call. A licensed roofer can show you licensing information and explain their credentials clearly. You may also ask for references.

    How long does roof leak repair take?

    It depends on the level of roof damage.

    A roof repair job normally takes up to an hour. Each circumstance is unique. What’s most important is that roof repair is done properly, the right way the first time.

    Certifications & Affiliations

    Roofing Jobs We Successfully Completed in Suffolk County, NY

    Town of Huntington New York located in Smithtown in Suffolk County NY

    flat roof repair Smithtown, NYOur customer had an older traditional home with a very aging and damaged flat roof. In addition, the flat roof was not draining rainwater properly due to improper pitch of the roof over many years. In addition, the homeowner requested that we match a railing that was installed on the opposite side of the house in another flat roof. Our first step was to remove all of the existing roof material down to the roof underlayment. We then installed new insulation on top of the existing wood underlayment to build up the roof and improve the pitch or angle that the water drains from once the new flat roof is installed. Our team then began the process of installing a torch down flat roof membrane. The existing siding material was stucco cement and our team installed copper flashing to waterproof the area between the house and the new flat roof. At that point, we installed copper drip edges to ensure that the water shedding from the roof drain directly into the gutter and not behind it. Our next step was to then coat the roof with a silicone waterproof coating. We then went about matching the existing roof railing with new weather resistant Azek building material (a man-made product that is extremely weatherproof and long lasting). Our team is particularly proud of this job and the craftsmanship that went into it!

    Town of Babylon Located in Amityville, Suffolk County, New York

    roof leak repair Amityville, NYThe customer reported a persistent roof leak. Our technicians inspected the slate roof and determined that several of the slate roof tiles near where the water was gaining entry were cracked and damaged. We cut the slate to size and installed new slate roofing material and eliminated the roof leak in Amityville, NY.

    Town of Islip, Ronkonkoma, New York

    A customer called us to report that they have been noticing dampness around the outer wall near the front door. The stucco siding was older and the rake boards (the wood trim boards that surround the peak of the roof) were very badly weathered. After consulting with the homeowner, we decided to apply new vinyl siding over the older stucco. The first step was to install insulation and a vapor barrier. We then installed the vinyl siding and aluminum trim capping over the rake boards to extend their life and waterproof them. Not only did this stop the dampness issue, but it also significantly improved the look and value of the home!

    Town of Brookhaven located in Port Jefferson, New York

    New roof installation Suffolk County, NY

    Our customer had any ongoing roof leak that was clearly entering within the first several feet from the edge of the roof and gutters. The customer did not wish to replace the entire section of roof, so our team began the process of removing all the roof shingles approximately 2 feet up around the perimeter where the roof leak was located. We removed the roof shingles and discovered that one particular section of the wood underlayment was severely rotted, and it was apparent that was a primary source area of the roof leak damage. The wood underlayment had to be replaced. We then installed new water and ice shield to waterproof that section of the roof and re-shingled the entire section. This roof leak has been eliminated.

    Town of Smithtown, Saint James, New York

    gutter cleaning Smithtown, NYA regular gutter cleaning client in Suffolk County called us to ask if we do roof cleaning. The customer stated that their homeowner’s insurance company had done an inspection of their roof and determined that their roof was in poor condition due to mildew and algae buildup. The company directed them to clean the roof to prevent roof damage and/or roof leaks and repairs that could result. This is a quite regular direction made by insurance companies. Our project manager reviewed the job and lead our team that day in applying multiple applications of low-pressure roof cleanser followed by soft wash water flushing to remove the mildew and algae. The picture you see here shows the job in progress with half the roof in progress of roof cleaning and the other yet to cleaned. You can see the difference after roof washing is “night and day.” The roof cleaning turned out excellent and we had a happy customer and satisfied insurance company. Thanks for your business!


    What Can Cause a Roof to Wear Out?

    Tropical storms, hailstorms, and sunlight are common causes of roof damage. Many people are unaware that mildew and algae growth can also cause damage to a roof.

    Why Is My Roof Leaking When I Hired a Handyman to Install New Shingles Last Year?

    Make sure to only hire a licensed, and trained professional roofer, as mentioned previously. You don’t want to take chances when it comes to roofing. There is a strong possibility your shingles have not been installed accurately. Or, there could be damage due to a recent storm. To find out for sure, you’ll need to have your roof inspected thoroughly.

    Would It Be Less Expensive & Faster to Install a New Roof to My Existing Roof?

    You can have a new roof installed on top of an existing roof. However, if your roof has problems (missing shingles, cracked shingles, algae growth, etc.) your old roof will need to be removed before we install a new roof. Otherwise, you will experience roofing problems that could result in expensive repairs. Whatever the case, we will present you with the most practical option.

    What Are Signs That a Leak Is a Serious Problem

    Examples of roofing problems that cause leaking include extensive decay, multiple missing shingles, cracked shingles, blistering, and decay. Also, repeat issues not corrected through previous repairs and a leak that is getting progressively worse. Mold or mildew build up, water marks on ceilings, drips etc.

    The best thing to do is schedule a roof evaluation if you have concerns. Our roofers will inspect our roof to see what’s really wrong and provide you with a solution and an accurate estimate. We will get to the source of the issue!

    If I Get a New Roof Installed How Long Will It Last?

    It all depends on the wear and tear of a roof. On average, most roofs will last up to 20 years, and even 25. Some roofs last 15 years. Metal roofs and slate roofs tend to last longer than standard roofs.

    Areas We Serve

    About Suffolk County

    Many people who reside in Suffolk County are unaware that the name was actually named after the county of Suffolk in England alongside where the early European settlers arrived. Today, Suffolk County is known as a suburban county located towards the east end of the United States.

    Suffolk County is known as the 2nd largest county in New York State. It consists of 2,373 sq. mi. (6,150 km2). 1,461 sq. mi. (3,780 km2) (62%) is water.912 sq. mi. (2,360 km2) consists of land.

    The county inhibits the eastern and central part of Long Island. It splits into two peninsulas, known as the South Fork and North Fork.

    Suffolk County is adjoined by water from Long Island Sound, the Atlantic Ocean and 980 miles of coastline. In addition, the eastern end contains large bays.

    Jayne’s Hill located in West Hills is the highest elevation in the county. It is 401 feet (122 m) above sea level.

    As of 2019, Suffolk County has 1.477 million people. Long Island has a total of 7.647 million people with both Nassau and Suffolk County put together.

    Some interesting facts about Long Island, New York include:

    • The Long Island Railroad (LIRR) is known as the busiest commuter railroads in North America. Additionally, it is the oldest railroad in the United States that continues to operate under its original name.
    • There are more than 120 public school districts and 650+ individual schools.  There are 12 private colleges, and 6 public universities.
    • The Gold Coast of Long Island was the scenery to Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby novel.
    • The popular 1974 movie, Murder on the Orient Express was about a murder that took place on Long Island in Suffolk County.

    We serve the following towns in Suffolk County:

    • Amagansett
    • Amityville
    • Asharoken
    • Babylon Village
    • Bayport
    • Bay Shore
    • Bellport
    • Bohemia
    • Brentwood
    • Bridgehampton
    • Brightwaters
    • Brookhaven
    • Calverton
    • Centerport
    • Central Islip
    • Cherry Grove
    • Cold Spring Harbor
    • Commack
    • Copiague
    • Davis Park
    • Deer Park
    • Dix Hills
    • East Farmingdale
    • East Hampton
    • East Islip
    • East Northport
    • Eastport
    • East Quogue
    • Eaton’s Neck
    • Elwood
    • Farmingville
    • Flanders
    • Fort Salonga
    • Great River
    • Greenlawn
    • Halesite
    • Hampton Bays
    • Hauppauge
    • Holbrook
    • Holtsville
    • Huntington
    • Huntington Station
    • Islandia
    • Islip
    • Islip Terrace
    • Kings Park
    • Lake Ronkonkoma
    • Lindenhurst
    • Lloyd Harbor
    • Medford
    • Melville
    • Montauk
    • Nesconset
    • Nissequogue
    • North Babylon
    • North Great River
    • Northport
    • Noyac
    • Oak Beach
    • Oakdale
    • Ocean Beach
    • Port Jefferson
    • Port Jefferson Station
    • Quogue
    • Remsenburg
    • Riverhead
    • Ronkonkoma
    • Sagaponack
    • Sag Harbor
    • Scarsdale
    • Shrub Oak
    • Sleepy Hollow
    • Tarrytown
    • Thornwood
    • Tuckahoe
    • Valhalla
    • Verplanck
    • Village of Pelham
    • White Plains
    • Yonkers
    • Yorktown Heights


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