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Roof Leak Enders is a full-service roofing company founded in 2007 dedicated to all aspects of roofing. We specialize in roof leak detection, repairs and new installations in Nassau County, New York for both the residential and commercial markets.

Our office is located at 205 Elm Place, Mineola, NY. With over a decade of experience in diagnosing and repairing roof leaks in Nassau County, we have developed a unique set of skills to identify and solve most roof leak repair problems. We are experts in flat roofs, pitched roofs, asphalt roofing systems and flat roofs leaks and replacement.

In addition, we work on slate roof repairs and leaks, chimney flashing replacement and repair, siding, aluminum trim capping leaks, facia boards, soffits and seamless gutters in both 6 inch and 5 inch sizes. We are also experts in skylight leaks.

We have the credentials. Roof Leak Enders is licensed in Nassau County and fully insured. We are Better Business Bureau accredited and GAF Certified Experts in all forms of roof repairs and replacement on Long Island. We are also a local, family run and operated business.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and dedication to excellence in each job. We stand behind our work and guarantee each roof job or roof leak repair.

Please call us today at 516-620-4575 and we will evaluate your roof leak or roof replacement/repair and give you an estimate.

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Why Choose Roof Leak Enders?

  • We are licensed and fully insured in Nassau County.
  • We are Better Business Bureau accredited with an A+ rating.
  • We have been in business over 15 years.
  • We strive to deliver excellence in customer service and installation.
  • We have over one hundred 5-star reviews.
  • We have never been the recipient of a lawsuit or a consumer affairs complaint.
  • We stand behind our work. While not all roof leak repairs can be guaranteed, we will go back until we get it right. All of our new installation rooms are backed by GAF warranty.
  • We have a strong infrastructure, including office staff and management.
  • We operate with integrity and are seeking excellence.
  • We have thousands of satisfied customers in Nassau County, Long Island New York.
  • We have references available.

Roof Leak Enders are experts at roof leak detection and roof repair. When we are contacted to evaluate a roof leak, our office will dispatch a two-person team to physically inspect the roof. This involves getting up on the roof and physically and visually evaluating the roof system. In addition, we will frequently go inside attic spaces to determine where water is gaining entry. In certain cases, we will conduct a water test, wherein we will spray the roof with water and one crewmember will be on the roof or in the attic to determine a location of the original leak.

Our project manager, will supervise our team as they conduct a physical and visual evaluation of the roof leaks at your home in Nassau County. When the source of that leak is determined, we will make a recommendation to either replace a section of roofing with new water and ice shield or, in certain cases, to replace the entire new roof.

When replacing an entire roof or a section of roofing, our team will carefully tarp your property and begin the process of deconstructing the old roofing material, whether that be a flat roof or asphalt shingle roof. We only use the best products and we believe we have some of the most experienced roof tradesmen in the industry.  We guarantee all of our roofing installation and back it up with a GAF warranty.

Our team installs almost every type of roofing system in Nassau County. We believe we are one of the best companies in Nassau County that are fully equipped and experienced for the new installation of the following types of roofing systems:

◦ Asphalt shingle. These are the most common types of roof covering used in Nassau County by far. We have over a decade of experience installing, repairing, replacing, flashing and sealing all types of asphalt shingle roofs.

◦ Flat roof membrane. This is a very common type of roofing in both residential and commercial roofs in Nassau County. Our teams are experts in repairing, installing & sealing flat roofs.

◦ Tile roofs. Slate tile, Spanish tile and cedar shake are less common types of roofing systems but we are very experienced in both making repairs and putting in full new installation solutions.

◦ Metal roofing such as standing seam aluminum and copper work. In addition, we are often called upon to make custom bends of aluminum and copper around trim capping, above doors and inside of Yankee Gutters. This is custom work and we are proud to offer this service in Nassau county.

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    Types of Residential Roofing We Repair in Nassau County

    residential roofing services Nassau County, NYNassau County, New York has a very diverse population of roofing styles and materials. Most commonly seen are asphalt shingle roofs. In many cases, roof repair is a cheaper alternative to full replacement. However, our team is fully prepared to replace the roof if necessary. Our team is frequently called upon to make repairs to the ridge vents, roof valleys, and flashing. We also specialize in storm and wind damage roof repairs in Nassau County.

    You can call us at 516-620-4575 to schedule a roof evaluation.

    We also repair flat roofs. Flat roofs present many unique challenges because water frequently puddles on the flat roof longer and, generally speaking, it does not drain as well as a pitched asphalt roof. In fact, we are often asked to correct the pitch of a flat roof. This is done by building up the highest sections with new layers of roofing membrane to improve drainage and prevent water from standing. In addition, flat roof membrane can crack and allow roof leaks to occur.

    In addition to residential applications, flat roofs are commonly found on commercial properties. Our team of experts can address these problems and solve a flat roof leak, whether it be on a commercial or residential property.

    We have many different solutions to repairing flat roofs, ranging from roofing cement, various sealants and GACO roof silicone coating and patching. One of the best solutions to extending the life of flat roofs in Nassau County, NY is to seal coat the roof after the repairs. Roof Leak Enders are experts in all facets of roof coatings and can help you decide on the best course of action to preserve the life of your residential or commercial flat roof.

    Slate and tile roofs are less common on the homes in Nassau County, Long Island, however, they are very prevalent. Slate and other forms of tile roofing often require regular maintenance and repairs. Tile roofs will become loose and need to be replaced over many years. In addition, snow guards can become damaged and need to be replaced, as necessary.

    A much less common type of roofing is cedar shake material. The shingles are made of Cedar wood and can require repair or maintenance.

    Most Common Roofing Issues in Nassau County Homes

    Some of the common issues homeowners face related to roofing in Nassau County, NY are roof leak repairs. Our crews are experts at locating and identifying the source of your roof leak.

    One of the first major causes of roof leaks is from storm damage. Fortunately, Roof Leak Enders is usually able to identify these types of roof leaks as they are often very apparent in their location as a result of roof damage from wind and storms.

    A second common form of roof leak is where the flashing becomes degraded where the house siding and the roofing system meet. In these cases, we have to remove the siding, replace the flashing and install new roofing. Another common source of water entry and roof leak is where water gets behind the fascia board and gains entry into the house. In these cases, we install drip edge, replace the facia board or repair the shingles, as is necessary.

    In addition to the above, another common roof leak results when decay from water has caused roof valley damage. Our solution is to remove all roofing material from the valley, install new water and a shield and then reshingle the valley with the new aluminum or copper flashing.

    Lastly, we do encounter some roof leaks that have no obvious visual source. In those cases, we will pull up sections of roofing shingle to determine if any of the roofing nails are rusted. Rusted nails are a common indicator that water is backing up behind the roof shingles. As a solution our team typically will open this section of roof and replace it with new water and ice shield and new shingles.

    Contact Us for A Roof Evaluation

    We recommend that the homes in Nassau County are regularly inspected for roof damage and/or signs of water penetration. An ideal time to conduct a roof inspection is when we are cleaning your gutters in Nassau county. If you need our help or advice on any roof leak or repair in Nassau County, please call us at 516-620-4575.

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    Commercial Roofing Systems We Install in Nassau County, NY

    Roof Leak Enders is Nassau County’s best commercial roof installers and leak detection repair company. Listed below are some of the many different types of commercial roofing systems that we install, repair or detect leaks near you:

    Modified Bitumen

    It’s basically an asphalt flat roof system. This type of roofing is widely used in Nassau County and has proven over the test of time to stand up to the hazardous weather conditions in the New York area. It is one of the most trusted flat roofing systems for residential and commercial applications.


    It is a rubber roofing membrane system that is widely used throughout the roofing industry in Nassau County, Long Island, New York. This type of roofing has an incredible durability and can withstand severe temperatures and weather conditions. It is available in both black and white and a variety of lengths and thickness. Our experience pros will help you make the correct decision on the type of flat roofing that will work best for your commercial property or residential home.

    Silicone Roof Coating

    Silicone roof coatings are an excellent solution to problematic and leaking flat roofs in both residential and commercial applications, especially those situations where roof penetrations such as air-conditioning units etc., cannot be removed. These type of coatings are made of flexible silicone and are typically applied with a paint brush or roller and they are highly recommended. We have had outstanding success with GACO roof coating. Of particular importance with roof coatings specifically is the preparation of the surface. This process must be done carefully for silicone and acrylic roof coatings to work effectively. Although we primarily recommend silicone-based roof coatings, we also use acrylic based roof coating to solve leaks and extend the life of your flat roof in Nassau County New York and Long Island. Please call us at 516-620-4575.

    Roofing Projects Completed in Nassau County, NY

    Listed below are some roofing projects we’ve completed in Nassau county over the last few years.

    commercial roof leak repair, replacement,Valley Stream, NY. Our customer had a uniquely colored asphalt shingle red roof. The roof was in dire need of repairs and was leaking severely. We determined that a complete roof replacement was the correct course of action. After some consideration, our customer settled on a premium color shingle, GAF Patriot Red. Once the shingles were installed, the roof really popped!

    Hicksville, NY. A tree had hit our customers home and severely damaged the roof. Our project manager carefully inspected the job after the tree was removed from the roof. Ultimately, it was necessary to repair the roof rafters by a process of “sistering” the old and new rafters to secure the roof. In addition, we had to rebuild the soffit and installation of gutters and fascia. Storm damage to Nassau County roofs is one of the most rewarding type of roof repairs for our team because it’s great to get the homeowners back up and looking good again!

    Garden City, NY. Chimney flashing in Garden City New York. This chimney flashing was installed improperly and cut “straight”. Chimney flashing is supposed to be “stepped“ along the brick line downward. When the flashing is cut straight, the water sits on that flashing and can gain entry. In addition, in this case, the flashing was starting to become damaged and dislodged from the brick. Our first step was to use a grinder and cut a new step into the brick. We then bent new copper along those grind lines and sealed it. This eliminated the chimney leak completely and we have not had a call back at that job in over three years.

    Port Washington, NY. A prior customer had called us to explain that the flat roof over her family room in her home in Port Washington, New York was leaking. We evaluated the job and determined that the roof was in very good condition overall but had certain spots that were leaking based on wind direction and type of weather. We determined that this roof was an excellent candidate for a silicone-based flat roof coating called GacoFlex S2100. This roof coating is ideal for use as a maintenance coating system over pre-existing elastomeric roofs, metal roofs and weathered single ply membranes. Most importantly for this application, it is known for withstanding permanent ponding water and is an excellent choice for flat roofs. Extremely durable, it will not soften, bubble or degrade even in the toughest weather conditions found in Nassau County.

    East Williston, New York Slate Roof Repair and Snow Guard installation. One of our regular and long-term gutter cleaning customers in Nassau County, called us and reported that their slate roof was missing pieces and the copper snow guards were bent after a particularly severe winter storm. As a solution, we installed new slate tile where they were missing, totaling approximately 40 new slates. We were careful to match the size and style of slate and the color to the existing slate roof. Finally, we installed approximately 50 new copper snow guards. Snow guards are an essential part of a slate roofing system because slate roofs are slippery and will not keep the snow and ice from sliding and damaging people, landscaping and property below. Snow guards are designed to keep the snow and ice on the roof and not let it fall down.

    Manhasset, NY. Each year we mail annual gutter cleaning maintenance contracts to our customers in Nassau County for the purpose of automatically scheduling seasonal gutter cleaning maintenance without the hassle or worry of forgetting to schedule it for the upcoming year. This particular customer had decided not to sign a gutter cleaning maintenance contract for that year. This resulted in her neglecting the gutter cleaning for her Nassau County home. When we were called, the gutters were severely blocked and water was gaining entry into the house. Our first course of action was to clean all the gutters and flush all downspouts with water. Many of the downspouts were severely blocked and had to be disassembled or snaked clear. Although gutter cleaning maintenance is a critical component of preventing water from gaining entry into your home on Nassau Long Island, if a home is watertight the water should not be able to get underneath the roofing membrane or the fascia board. In this case, we realized that the fascia board was damaged from the constant water backing up. The fascia board is the board that the gutter itself is hung on. We had to remove the gutter and install a new man-made composite “wood” fascia board and install aluminum trim capping to match the rest of the vinyl siding. This composite fascia board is the best product on the market and will not corrode or become damaged from weather. The customer has since decided to subscribe to our annual maintenance gutter cleaning plan!

    Roofing Maintenance Tips for Nassau County Residents

    roofing company serving Nassau County, NYMost of our customers in Nassau County call us when there are visible signs of water getting into the home. Obviously, water damage is one of the most apparent signs of a possible roof or siding leak. Another common sign of a roof leak is dampness or mildew odor that is otherwise unexplained. Please do not ignore the signs because overtime this will get worse. If you address this early, these types of smaller roof leaks can allow a roof to exist for another decade in some cases before they need to be replaced.

    Our first recommendation when discovering signs of a possible roof leak is to document it by taking a photograph. Small or inconsistent roof leaks will sometimes dry out or disappear completely, just to reappear at a later date when the wind or weather has shifted. A second recommendation when discovering unwanted water in the home is to try and understand visually where that water might be gaining entry by evaluating the location of the water in your Nassau County home. After you have taken a photograph and visually inspected the area, we recommend that you call us immediately at 516-620-4575.

    One of the most common mistakes that homeowners in Nassau County make on that could potentially lead to bigger roofing problems is not addressing the small roof leak immediately. When you see water in the home, it’s time to call a roofing professional. Additional mistakes include not conducting regular maintenance on the roof, based on the roofing type of material, and not having the roof inspected during your annual gutter cleanings.

    We highly recommend that homeowners in Nassau County utilize licensed, properly insured (Worker’s Compensation insurance and general liability insurance), Better Business Bureau accredited, professionals to evaluate and repair and replace roof leak and roof installations. Roofing is a challenging profession. Not only are we working at heights, but the work is very physical and requires years and years of practical experience before a technician or company is properly equipped to evaluate, repair and install all types of roofing systems.

    We are offering a free roof leak evaluation to all our valuable customers in Nassau County and the surrounding area. Please call at 516-620-4575. You can also contact us online.


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