Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does roof leak repair take?

Roof repairs vary in the time that it takes to do the repair depending on the roofing solution required. Sometimes we have to open the roof, replace sections of the roof, or put new shingles on. Other times we will just simply have to flash the area with roofing cement. The time to repair a roof leak depends on the actual problem, the source of the leak, the type of the leak, and the type of solution the customer wants to adopt.

For example, a common source of leaks is Skylights. Depending on the type of and severity of the leak in the skylight, occasionally, we will first attempt to fix it by flashing and sealing it with roofing cement or GacoPatch roof patch or a silicone-based sealant. If that does not work, other times it is necessary to remove the surrounding roof area, install new flashing and replace the roof with the same style of roofing that is currently there.

In other circumstances, we have to re-roof the entire large section of the roof. Sometimes we need to re-roof an entire rear section, for example (where the front may be fine) because the rear roof is degraded from weather or other issues.

Typically, minimum time required is 2-3 hours. If you need to replace an entire section of a roof, then it can take one, two or even three days of work to complete the job.

How soon can you come out to locate my leak?

Typically, we offer same day emergency service.

When you call our office at (516) 620-4575, we will dispatch our roof leak experts and they will evaluate the problem and make a recommendation. In many cases, we are able to make the repair on the spot however depending on the severity, type and location of the leak, and the type of repair required, like for example, a full replacement of the roof, we would need to schedule a  date with you. Normally, that would be within a few days at most.

How much does it cost to repair a roof leak?

We are happy to come out and evaluate your roof for repair or replacement. We will then provide you a detailed written evaluation and recommendation. We stand behind all of our work to ensure that the problem is solved in the most cost-effective manner.

We make every effort to hire and retain top talent in the industry and to operate with integrity. In addition, we have implemented processes and procedures to ensure the work has been done correctly and at a high standard. Also, we warranty all of our work. All of these factors contribute to roof leak repair pricing. Once again, depending on the specific need at your home, whether it’s a repair or replacement, the pricing is impacted by these factors. In the long term, our goal is to provide maximum return on your roof investment and in the process deliver excellence.

How do I know if I have a leak?

Some of the common signs of a roof leak would be any type of discoloration or staining on walls, ceilings, and floor areas on the floor closest to the roof. However, signs of roof leaks can also appear on the lower floor depending on where the water is gaining entry.

Siding is also a common source of leaks, especially if it is not installed correctly.

In addition, another source is from the gutter and fascia board. The gutter is hung on the fascia board. Frequently, water can get behind the gutter and gain entry behind the fascia board by the process of centripetal action. We have solutions to all of these issues once we determine the source.

Other signs include ice damming – when heat escapes from the roof, it melts the ice, hits the gutter and refreezes again. That ice creates a dam and then the water can back up behind the shingles in that way. Your attic should be insulated well to help prevent this issue.

We can also come out to do a roof evaluation if you suspect an issue.

What to do when you have a leak in your roof?

First, identify where the source of the water is likely emanating from.  Try to think thru where you think the source is, where the water might be coming in from.

Second, try to temporarily manage the leak by capturing the water in the house with buckets, towels, etc.

And third, call us at (516) 620-4575.


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