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Hiring the right roofing company in the New York area is one of the most important decisions you will make whether you are a commercial business owner or property manager. Over time, roofs need both repairs and maintenance. In other cases, you may need a new roof installed or a complete or partial roof replacement. What drives success in each case is the roofing contractor you hire to work on your roof, their ability to provide the most practical solution, and the level of integrity and service you receive.

For over 15 years, Roof Leak Enders has helped thousands of customers with roof installations and roof leak repairs in Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk Counties) and Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, ensuring your business can continue to operate without interruption. We also offer emergency commercial roof repair service and proactive maintenance services to extend the life of your roofing.

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Types of Commercial Roofing We Install or Repair

Commercial buildings tend to have flat roofs however many also have pitched sections or are entirely pitched. Roofing problems with these types of roofs include water pooling in certain areas, or in areas where a flat roof meets a section of a pitched roof.

Some commercial buildings have roofs more common to residential buildings such as Gable, Hipped, and Cross Gable style. Whatever type of roof your Long Island or NYC building has, Roof Leak Enders is equipped to handle the issue and present a solution.

We install and repair the following types of roofs:

  • Single-Ply Membrane Roofing
  • Shingle Roofing
  • Built-Up Roofing
  • Asphalt Roofing
  • Modified Bitumen Roofing
  • Standing Sim Metal Roofing

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    Commercial Roofing Services We Provide

    Roof Leak Enders offers a variety of roofing services including:

    New Commercial Roof Installations

    A new commercial roof installation means our installers will remove your old roof in its entirety and install a new commercial roof. Or, if your building is a new construction, we can plan and install your new roof.

    The two major types of commercial roofs that we install are modified bitumen roofs (which is a combination of rubber asphalt/tar blended and comes in granular and smooth surfaces) also known as SBS. The second type of roof we install is an EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer) roofing which is a durable synthetic rubber roofing (known simply as Rubber Roofing).

    Roof Repairs

    If you have detected or suspect a leak in your roof, we offer commercial roof repairs for your building. Typically, this process follows these steps:

    1. Find out where the roof is leaking.
    2. Patch those sections with new membrane.
    3. Silver coat the roof.

    If our team discovers your roof is beyond repair, we will recommend a new roof installation.

    Flashing Repairs

    Roof flashing is a thin material that is used to direct water away from critical areas of the roof such as where the roof plane meets a vertical surface. Flashing is commonly installed around vents, chimneys, and skylights.

    Flashing repair involves patching or plugging pinholes with a patch made from the same material as the flashing to prevent leaks.

    Roof Coatings

    commercial flat roof repair Long Island, NYC, Queens, Bronx & Westchester, NYFlat roofs often must be seal coated to prevent further damage. This is an important component of flat roof maintenance. Customers have a few options when it comes to roof coatings in New York:

    Option 1: One option is Silver Coating. Silver Coating extends the life of your roof because it reflects sunlight and deters future damage from UV rays. However, this option does not waterproof the roof.

    Option 2: A second attractive roof coating option is to have a GACO roof installed. GACO roofs are very popular on Long Island and in the New York area.

    A GACO roof is essentially a new roof without needing to remove the old roofing off first—A GACO roof means you are installing a new roof over the existing roof. GACO is a silicone-based roof coating that helps with energy efficiency, waterproofing, and meets all building requirements. It is one of the best options for commercial roof repair because it is long lasting. In fact, GACO offers a 50-year product warranty. The standard color for a GACO roof is white, however it does come in different colors and gives you a beautiful seamless roof.

    Because they are seamless, they have less chance of developing leaks in the future, which makes them very desirable. A GACO roof can only be installed over an existing roof. As such, they cannot act as a new roof for a commercial building. To qualify for a GACO roof, a representative will come to your business to test your roof and take samples. No more than 20-30% of the roof can have water damage underneath it, and the roof must be within the manufacturer’s specs for moisture. If there are too many areas with moisture that must be cut out, your food may not be a good candidate for a GACO roof. For example, if you have a 40 square foot roof and 10-15 sq. ft of that roof needs patching, it may be more cost effective to install a new replacement roof instead. When our roofing experts conduct their roof inspection, we will assess the situation, provide you with your options and give you everything you need to make the right decision.

    The Roof Leak Enders process for a GACO roof installation in New York is as follows:

    • Inspect / moisture test
    • Cut out damaged areas
    • Add new membrane
    • Patch damaged areas
    • Power wash entire roof (includes power washing)
    • Apply primer on patched area
    • Install the GACO roof

    Options 3 & 4: Other roof coating options include elastic metric roof coatings which is a waterproof rubberized coating and Liquid EPDM which is similar to a Firestone rubber roof. Liquid EDPM does require a primer coating first and is done in stages.

    Commercial Roof Inspections

    If you are the builder or property manager for a residential community such as a condominium or co-op complex, or if you operate a manufacturing, distribution, or industrial building, for example, hiring a roof inspector to come out and evaluate your building can alert you to potential issues before they become a major, costly problem you will have to deal with.

    The Roof Leak Enders Advantage

    In addition to receiving peer and customer recognition as the most trusted Long Island Roofing Company with excellent credentials, we offer a unique Guarantee that benefits all of our customers.
    A+ BBB Rating
    A+ BBB Rating as Top Long Island Roofer
    24/7 Emergency Service
    24/7 Customer Support Available
    GAF Certified
    GAF Master Elite Factory Certified
    Licensed & Insured
    Fully Licensed & Insured
    Top Rated by Long Island Customers
    Top Rated Roofing Company by Long Island Customers
    Operating with Integrity & Reasonable Pricing
    We have over 30 Years of Combined Roofing, Gutters & Siding Experience

    Markets We Serve:

    • Commercial Office Buildings
    • Apartment & Rental Properties
    • Churches / Temples
    • Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities
    • Retail Buildings / Shopping Malls
    • Medical Centers

    Roofing Brands We Work With

    GACO roofing productsAt Roof Leak Enders, we work with the best quality brands of roofs:

    • GACO [offers a 50-year product warranty]
    • GAF [offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects]
    • CertainTeed
    • Tamko
    • IKO
    • Owen Corning
    • Firestone

    Roof Leak Enders is certified with both GACO and GAF.

    Common Issues With Commercial Roofing

    For over 15 years, we have identified, diagnosed, and repaired virtually every roofing problem. The most common commercial roofing issues we see are:

    • One common issue is that most commercial roofs are flat. These roofs do not last as long as pitched roofs because water tends to pool which is how many leaks start. It is for this reason a GACO roof is ideal since it can withstand standing water and UV ray damage which can speed up the roof degradation rate. In some cases, we will erect a pitch to help water drain off a flat roof.
    • Another common issue is commercial roofs tend to have a lot of equipment on them such as HVAC units, vents, hood vents and more. This can make rip out and replacements more complicated and more expensive. Once again this makes a GACO roof a good solution for many commercial building owners.
    • Skylights can also cause issues since the skylights or flashing around skylights can become damaged on commercial roofs. If this occurs, we can repair or replace the flashing or damaged areas.
    • Drainage is another common issue since drains are built into roofs instead of gutters on the fascia boards. Roof drains going into the main sewer line need to be kept free of debris and should constantly be cleaned off. We can blow off the roof, clean everything up and help prevent future issues. These drains can also be capped so that animals and debris cannot get in. If they get blocked this can cause leaks throughout your building.
    • Another common problem area on commercial roofs is the scupper box which is a part of the drainage for the roof and is caught by the leader heads (which are V shaped funnels) that go to a downspout so it can catch the water from the roof. In many cases, we will have to copper flash it and cut it into the brick or the building surface so that there is no more exposure that can create leaks or damage the building.

    Call our licensed, certified team at (516) 620-4575 or contact us here to schedule your estimate.

    Top Commercial Roofing Mistakes to Avoid

    The biggest mistake any business owner or property manager can make with the roof of their building is a lack of preventative maintenance which can cause serious damage and require costly repairs. This includes:

    1. Ignoring leaks
    2. Not enough insulation
    3. Pooling water
    4. Not cleaning drains or gutters
    5. Allowing debris or water build up on the roof
    6. Not cleaning water dispensing, scupper boxes, gutter areas
    7. Not conducting preventative maintenance (stay proactive and call us for your roof inspection maintenance options)

    Hire the best New York commercial roofing contractor and learn how to avoid these common issues.

    Contact A Certified Roofing Contractor For Commercial Roof Installation and Leak Repair

    Need commercial roof repair on Long Island or in the NYC 5 Boroughs? No roof leak repair or installation is too big or too small for Roof Leak Enders. Call our licensed, certified team at (516) 620-4575 or contact us here to schedule your roof repair or new roof estimate. We also offer roof evaluations and inspections at a service charge. Emergency service available.

    Professional Roofing Contractor Service Area:  Long Island, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Emergency roofing service is also available. Call (516) 620-4575 to arrange Service.

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