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    Google ReviewsSince 2007, licensed & insured Long Island roofing company, Roof Leak Enders, has served residential and commercial customers providing roof leak repair, roof leak detection, new roof installation and total roof replacements. Having gained recognition as an A+ Rated (BBB) certified local roofing contractor, the company is known for providing excellent service at reasonable prices delivered with integrity.

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    Types of Residential Roofing We Install or Repair

    Your roof is one of the most important structures in your home. It protects your home from the elements, keeps warm air in during the winter and cool air in during the summer. When taken care of, your roof can last many years; however, without proper maintenance your roof may require repair or even a full roof replacement. Roof Leak Enders installs new roofs and repairs damaged roofs for homes throughout Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Nassau and Suffolk Counties, including the Hamptons, on Long Island, as well as Westchester County and Fairfield County, ensuring your roof is in the best shape possible.

    Residential homes are most commonly fitted with asphalt roofs, however we uniquely install and repair many different types of roofs, and if you have a specialty roof, please inquire. For example, slate and tile roofs take great care and attention to detail and there is no other company in the New York area with more experience with these types of specialty roofs than Roof Leak Enders.

    residential roof repair & replacement Long IslandThe following are the most common types of residential roofs we install and repair for homeowners:

    • Asphalt Roofing
    • Slate Roofing
    • Spanish Tile Roofing
    • Cedar Shake Roofing
    • Terra Cotta Roofs
    • Flat Roofs

    Regardless of what type of roof your Long Island or NYC home has we can help. Call 516-620-4575 or contact us here to schedule your estimate. We also offer roof evaluations and inspections at a fair service charge. Emergency service is available too.

    Causes of Most Roof Problems:

    • Lack of maintenance. Failure to find and correct minor roof deterioration in the early stages is the biggest cause of roof problems, especially in low sloped roofs.
    • All roofing materials deteriorate from exposure to the weather, air pollutants and salt-laden atmospheres.
    • Storm and wind damage. Remember Hurricane Sandy? Even a small storm or high winds can damage your roof.
    • Faulty design, including weak roof structures, inadequate roof slope, sagging roof structure or insufficient drains.
    • Nail-Pops. These are small holes where nails have popped through the shingle, and can cause leakage. When a nail is not fully driven in it sits up off the roof deck. Nail pops are difficult to spot on some roofs initially, however over time nail pops cause plywood to weaken and rot and then leaks develop.
    • Flashing failures. The function of flashings is to provide a water-tight junction between roofing materials and roof projections, and between roof sections. Flashings are the most vulnerable part of any roof, and many roof problems are actually flashing problems.
    • Shingle Blow-Offs, Loose, Cracked, Slipped and Missing Shingles. Usually this occurs after heavy rain or winds of 30+ miles per hour. Combined with improper nailing of the shingle, the shingle slips out of place, and tears away from the rooftop.  When shingles are missing or blown off, your building’s interior is vulnerable to water damage and rot. Cracked or missing shingles will expose the protective felt underlayment to sun and rain, causing it to deteriorate.  The problem is likely to spread, and nearby shingles are easily blown away. Our roofers can take care of this by repairing small holes or replacing blown off shingles promptly.

    Roof Leak Enders can repair, replace or install all types of roofs, including Asphalt Shingle roofing, Tile roofing, Slate roofing, and Wood Shingles & Shakes/Cedar Shingles & Shakes. Contact us today to schedule your estimate. Call 516-620-4575 or fill out our contact us form here.

    Licensed & Insured

    If you are looking for a roofing company near Long Island, here are our Licensed #’s for your local area:

    Nassau County: H01045200000

    Suffolk County: 47478-H

    New York City: 2013624-DCA

    Westchester County: WC-26806-414

    Yonkers: 6481

    Local Residential Roofing Repair Services We Offer

    Our roofing company offers a variety of roofing services to homeowners addressing various common issues that affect residential roofs. We can help you with all types of roof repairs, including:

    complete roof replacement

    Roof Replacement

    tile roof repair

    Slate & Clay Tile Roof Repair

    flashing repair

    Flashing Repair

    Shingle & Shake Repair

    Shingles/Shake Repair

    slate roofing repair

    Slate Roof Repair

    flat roof repair

    Flat Roof Repair

    ridge vent repair

    Ridge Vent Repair

    drip edge repair

    Drip Edge Repair

    rotted wood

    Rotted Wood Repair

    fascia board repair

    Fascia Board Repair

    storm & wind damage roof repair

    Storm & Wind Damage

    gutter & leader repair

    Gutter & Leader Repair

    siding repair

    Siding Repair

    window repair

    Window Repair

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    Flat Roof Repair

    Flat roofs require repair for a variety of reasons. Flat roofs whose drains freeze will trap water on the roof system. The trapped water may accumulate to levels higher than the roof flashings resulting in water leaks. It’s very rare for a home to have an entirely flat roof. Many roofs have a combination of a pitched roof with a flat extension, or they may have a small extension or an area  of the roof that is flat.

    Repairing this problem frequently involves removing the downspout and opening the drain to create discharge. This can be challenging but Roof Leak Enders’ technicians have the required experience.

    Did You Know? The most common areas for roof leaks are flashing, skylights, chimneys, roof penetrations and valleys? So are improperly installed roof shingles.

    Flashing Repair

    flashing repairFlashing repair or chimney flashing repair is an extremely common fix required by homeowners. Flashing is a metal made of copper, aluminum or galvanized metal that is used to direct water away from important areas of the roof. Typically, flashing isued in  areas where the roof meets a chimney, exterior wall, skylights, or dormer. These areas require a barrier to drain the water and are known as common “points of failure” for roofs. As aforementioned, choosing the right roofing company near you will avoid improper installations that lead to costly

    The good news is, we have performed thousands of flashing repairs in the New York area! Roof Leak Enders can perform step flashing where it is the part of the roof against the side of the house (typically siding, stucco or brick) that comes down on an angle and has to be stepped down under the shingles. The flashing is then built down in steps so the water does not leak up into the house. We can also add chimney flashing and flashing in “valleys” which is the area where two sections of roof meet. Valleys in the roofing are common areas for leaks.

    Slate & Clay Tile Roof Repair

    Spanish Tile RoofThis type of repair typically refers to roofs that are made of Terra Cotta, Spanish tile or slate tile. Slate tile roofs are common for many homes on the North Shore of Long Island. However, a major concern regarding slate or tile roofs is that they have a tendency to shed, fall off, crack, go missing, come out of place, or become damaged. In these cases, these areas need to be repaired, reset or replaced entirely.

    We are experts in all types of slate roofs. We can replace entire slate or tile roofs or perform repairs as needed. We will match your existing color, measure it, and modify it to the correct size. If necessary, we will source matching slate or tile to match your existing roof.

    Rotted Wood Repair

    Rotted wood occurs when there are roof leaks that go undetected  for a while and the source of the roofing problem is not repaired in a timely fashion. This can cause the decking of the roof to get damaged, rotten and moldy. We will literally peal back every layer if needed, replace all damaged sections, install new water and ice shield etc. In other cases, the soffits, rafters and fascia boards can become damaged as well. If a fascia board or area needs painting, we will paint anywhere that is needed so that you do not have to first go hire an additional company. Rest assured we provide the total solution by addressing the SOURCE of the issue not just the symptom.

    When we install new roofs, we include sheets of plywood to help prevent future damage.

    Fascia Board Repair

    Fascia boards tend to become damaged due to weather and leaks. It’s very common for damage to occur to fascia boards hanging from the top of the roof.

    Roof Vents Repair

    There are many type of vents including ridge vents, box vents, attic vents, and gable vents. These are all a part of the siding of the home and will often require repair.

    Ridge Vent Repair

    Ridge vent repairs are needed at the ridge of the roof where the peaks meet. It’s common for roofs to have venting at a ridge to allow hot air to get out of the attic. This is an area of failure for leaks to occur or shingles to fall off. Your roof needs to breathe to function properly and not break, which is why both an intake and vents are often installed. There are three types of venting that can be installed on roofs – ridge vents, boxed vents and attic vents. We can repair all of them.

    Drip Edge Repair

    drip edge repair long islandDrip edge repairs are very common and important. Damage to the drip edge can be caused because the shingles were cut too short when they were installed and the edge needs to be extended. It can also be caused if the gutters are loose. The drip edge is put above the gutter under the roof shingles to allow water to flow more smoothly into the gutters and not underneath the roof shingles. It functions to prevent the harmful effects of centripetal force that can pull water back underneath and toward your home. In some cases, we are able to repair the drip edge, and in other more severe cases a full roof repair is needed.

    If you don’t repair the drip edge, it can cause water to fill up the window or basement window well, or rot rafters and fascia boards – and can quickly become the source of big, expensive problems. It’s  a very simple fix. In these cases, water and ice shields often also need to be installed to prevent further damage.

    Roof Valley Leak Repairs

    The Roof Valley is an area in the roof where the main roofing materials connect to a wall or other parts of a separate roof span. A “V” is usually formed along connections of a roof valley. This part of the roof is normally a very vulnerable area and roof valley leaks frequently occur. There can be many causes, including improperly placed roofing nails. Deteriorated, cracked, blown out, curling, and broken shingles can also cause severe damage to the underlying membrane of the valley. Some roof valley leaks are caused by holes in the metal joints. Our roofers will inspect the possible causes and perform the necessary repairs.

    New Roof Installations

    In addition to roof repairs, we also install all types of new roofs in residential homes as needed.

    How Do I Know if I Need a New Roof Replacement?

    The biggest clue that you need a roof replacement is that your roof has leaks in multiple areas. You may also need a new roof if your existing roof was improperly installed. In some cases, a repair can be done, however in others, a full roof replacement is needed. Once you contact us, our technicians will perform a cost benefit analysis and then provide you with a our recommendation in writing so you can make the right decision.  In some cases, it may cost more to repair the roof than it would cost to install a new roof!

    In other cases, we can do a layover roof. However, the best way to  keep your warranties in place is often to do a  “rip and replace.” Whenever we perform a new roof replacement, we ensure that water and ice shield is installed into the right places, and that all new vents, ridge and hip shingles, underlayment, and starter strips are properly installed.

    Did You Know? In addition to protecting your home and addressing leaks, a new roof can increase the value of your home. And, in some instances, homeowners choose to have a new roof installed for cosmetic reasons if they are re-doing the facade of their home.

    What Are the Steps Involved in a Roof Replacement?

    If you need a new roof installed in your home, the steps for a new roof installation are as follows:

    1. We evaluate your existing roof
    2. We provide you with an estimate for your new roof
    3. After the estimate, you will schedule a date for your new installation
    4. On installation day we begin by preparing your roof for a new installation
    5. We remove old roof shingles and perform any demolition as needed
    6. We then install your new roofing system
    7. We finish by cleaning up and removing all debris and materials
    Low Slope/Normal Slope/ Steep Slope Roofing

    The slope of a roof is often referred to as the pitch. Our roofers have experience with:

    • Low Slope – Roof pitches that are less than 30 degrees.
    • Normal Slope – Roof pitches that are between 30 and 45 degrees.
    • Steep Slope – Roof pitches that are more than 45 degrees.

    Other Home Services We Offer

    In addition to roof and gutter repair services, we also offer the following services:

    Siding Repair & Installations

    siding repair, replacement or new installation Long IslandWe do everything from small siding repairs to soffits and fascia boards to full new vinyl siding installations. We also do aluminum trim capping for homes and will trim the siding with aluminum, making the house maintenance free!

    The peak of the roof where the rake on the roof is located, often needs to be replaced or have new capping added on the rake boards.

    We can repair or install:

    • New siding
    • Damage siding
    • Window Capping
    • Door Capping
    • Windows Capping
    • Fascia
    • Rakes
    • New Vinyl Soffits

    Window Repair

    We offer full window repair and replacements on Long Island for Nassau County and Suffolk County. We also service New York City homeowners. When performing full window replacements, we can fix the wood around the window, calking/capping prior to replacing the entire window, or if it’s a simple repair, we can add caulking around the window and replacing the capping.

    Interior & Exterior Painting

    Interior and exterior paint and trim work is a service we can offer when we are performing roof repairs on your home. We can also paint the entire siding. When we repair your home – we paint! Now you do not have to go find your own painter.

    The Roof Leak Enders Advantage

    In addition to receiving peer and customer recognition as the most trusted Long Island Roofing Company with excellent credentials, we offer a unique Guarantee that benefits all of our customers.
    A+ BBB Rating
    A+ BBB Rating as Top Long Island Roofer
    24/7 Emergency Service
    Reliable Customer Support
    GAF Certified
    GAF Master Elite Factory Certified
    Licensed & Insured
    Fully Licensed & Insured
    Top Rated by Long Island Customers
    Top Rated Roofing Company by Long Island Customers
    Operating with Integrity & Reasonable Pricing
    We have over 30 Years of Combined Roofing, Gutters & Siding Experience

    Certifications and Affiliations

    Certifications & Affiliations

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    Roofing Brands We Work With for Residential Roofing

    There are many roofing brands available to homeowners through Long Island and New York City. GAF roofing products are among the highest quality and most popular choices among our customers including their Slateline, Camelot and Timberline lines. We also install CertainTeed, Owen Corning, TAMKO and IKO roofing. We can provide samples for you or you can find more information on the manufacturer’s website.

    Contact Us Today For Roof Leak Repair and New Roof Installation

    If you are in need of a new roof or roof repair for your home call 516-620-4575 or contact us here and schedule your roof evaluation. We serve homeowners on Long Island, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. We also offer emergency services for homes with severe damage.

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    Customer Testimonials

    Many consider Roof Leak Enders to be the best roofing company on Long Island. Here's what customers have to say.

    I am very impressed! Your workers have left me with really considerable knowledge of our new smoke alarm system and appliance.

    DIANE M - Nassau County, NY
    Google Reviewer

    Not only were they the most thorough with the initial inspection, but workers also had the best price offer I have searched for.

    ROBBY H. - Suffolk County, NY
    Google Reviewer

    Very profesional i needed them to fix my roof and they did a great job I highly recommend this everyone!

    WILLIAM R - Nassau County, NY
    Google Reviewer

    What a great experience! Had some leaking in my roof and a friend suggested I call this company that does great work. And sure did! Spoke to the receptionist nicole who was a big help. Told me she'd have someone come out and look at the problem. And in no time the roofer Israel came and did his job and a great job at that. Would highly recommend this company!

    Phillip L - Suffolk County, NY
    Google Reviewer


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